Every Veg Counts!

It's National Nutrition Week and we're thrilled to continue our support for Nutrition Australia's Try for 5 campaign – 'Every Veg Counts' for the second consecutive year.

25% of Australians only eat 1 serve of vegetables daily. Try for 5 aims to enhance our vegetable consumption, save money on groceries and minimise waste through recipes that encourage scrappy cooking to get more goodness out of every veg.

For veg inspo including the latest recipes, tips and competitions, visit www.tryfor5.org.au and follow @nutritionaustralia

Your Health & Wellbeing

Our health is precious and we want to enable every Australian to protect and nurture their body and mind. Vegetables are at the very centre of healthy eating, they can safeguard us from chronic health conditions – such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and obesity. But did you know making healthy choices can boost your mood and increase your quality of life. 

Tips to reach 5 a day:

1. Add a veggie to your breakfast

2. Add a veggie to your daily snacks

3. Add a veggie to your smoothie

4. Add a side salad when you eat out

Plan Ahead

By simply planning ahead you can get the most out of your vegetables and produce less waste - meaning more money in your pocket and a happier planet. 

1. Plan you meals for the week

2. Use a shopping list

3. Use our recipe platform to help plan ahead

4. Meal Prep

5. Check what you already have -  use our search bar to search by ingredient for recipes on our website

6. Don't forget your snacks

Budget Friendly

With the rising cost of living it is now more important and helpful than ever to plan and budget your meals. Using these 10 simple ingredients you can have healthy and delicious meals for a fraction of the cost: Broccoli, kale, sweet potato, red onion, tinned diced tomatoes, tinned cannelini beans, lemon, brown rice, parmesan and eggs.

Frozen and canned veg are not only economical but they can always be on hand for a quick meal such as this hot soup from Lee Supercharged, made from frozen peas and even “mock” guacamole made out of them in the Vitamix. Frozen corn is another freezer staple, and pulls together into this sweet, tasty soup in minutes. 

Shop Smart

Canned and frozen veggies are still full of nutrients plus have the added benefit of being budget friendly and convenient. Another perk to incorporating these veg into your lifestyle is that they are often pre-portioned – meaning even less work is required when creating your meals.

Seasons come and go so make the most getting in the vegetables that are in season at the time. Not only are they fresh and rich in flavour but in-season vegetables are generally cheaper and often on sale. 

Imperfect Veg

Vegetables come in all shapes and sizes – but they are all nutritious on the inside. 

While some may not look ‘perfect’ or have a blemish or two this makes them an even better option financially! So give these veg a chance and choose the ‘imperfect’ one – doing so you will help reduce food waste and get the most out of more veggies, and your bank account.   


To get the most you of your veggies, correct storage is key! Storing your veg right will make your veg last longer = reducing food waste = saving you money. 

Some tips for storing correctly are:

1. Having your fridge set at 4 degrees Celsius 

2. Storing your veg in containers with some paper towel

3. Store the roots of your veg in water

Use It All

Peels, seeds and even the pineapple core come into their own in Vitamix and can help you eat root-to-stem, getting more out of what you buy. This Pumpkin Soup uses the pumpkin seeds as a crunchy garnish and you can even blend them through the soup for added fibre. A Vitamix high-performance blender will blend even tough, fibrous parts of the vegetable to give a truly smooth result, meaning you can include parts of vegetables you would normally throw away. 

Love Your Leftovers

There are so many interesting and tasty ways you can use your ‘leftovers’ to make the most out of your veggies.  

Repurpose leftover roast veg to make a creamy, warm soup. Use this Roasted Root Vegetable Soup for a guideline and mix it up with whatever vegetables you have leftover. 

Grow Your Own

Growing your own vegetables is easier than you may think, fun and provides a great sense of accomplishment.

With new, innovative products you don’t need anywhere near as much space as you think! 

Try for 5 Recipes

Be inspired to try for 5 and feel the difference.

Everything Smoothie

Good luck getting all these fresh fruits and vegetables into a single meal any other way!

Kale and Basil Pesto

This vibrant blend of kale and basil is perfect on any pasta.

Vegetable meatloaf

An all-veggie main meal for your Meatless Monday menu.

Vegetable cakes

An ideal appetiser option for vegetarian guests, these cakes can be turned into bite-size portions by using a smaller scoop.

Zucchini pancakes

Enjoy this healthy twist on a breakfast favourite. For a less intense colour, peel zucchini before incorporating into batter. 

Broccoli Mac & Cheese

Incorporating vegetables into your main meal isn't always the easiest, but in this meal, they're the focus. 

Vegan Pea and Kale Soup

This delicious soup is great example of how your Vitamix can create a creamy texture without dairy.

Winter Greens Soup

A smooth purée with a rustic flavour, blending kale, baby spinach, and zucchini with sautéed leek, celery, and garlic.

Thai Ginger Soup with Cashews

Ginger and chili lend a zesty flavour to this soup, while cashews give it a hearty creaminess.

Beetroot, Apple & Ginger Smoothie

A smoothie consisting of beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon juice, blended to perfection.

Green Hummus

Need to get more veggies into your everyday diet? This green hummus is the perfect veggie filled snack to help you get your five a day.


Peanut Butter Bread

Get the most out of that tray of zucchini by using the leftovers to make this delicious and sweet bread. 

Pina Colada Parfait

with Coconut Crunch

A tropical delight for your morning or your night. The addition of frozen zucchini gives extra nutrients and adds to the creaminess of the final dessert. 


& Hummus

Using Carisma potatoes lowers the carb count and GI of this dish. It is portioned as a side dish, which makes it perfect for diabetics.

Pistachio Lime

Zucchini Cake

Enjoy this delicious vegan and gluten free cake, guilt-free. Garnish with extra pistachios for an added crunch.

Pina Colada Parfait

with Coconut Crunch

A tropical delight for your morning or your night. The addition of frozen zucchini gives extra nutrients and adds to the creaminess of the final dessert. 

Carisma Crispy

Potato Salad

Using Carisma potatoes lowers the carb count and GI of this dish. It is portioned as a side dish, which makes it perfect for diabetics.

Greens & Feta Quiche

with Oat Pastry

Get your greens in the most delicious way possible. This quiche uses freshly ground oats to create a pastry base that's low GI & helps fit more veg in your day. 

Veggie Coconut &

Chickpea Curry

This curry is full of veggie goodness and comes together with ease! If you have other veggies on hand, swap in those, its super versatile.

Zucchini & Carisma

Potato Muffins

Using the wet chop technique makes light work of the potatoes and zucchini in this recipe, making it a fast throw-together breakfast that's low GI. 

Beetroot, Zucchini & Spelt Brownie with Choc Avocado

Through the simple addition of beetroot and zucchini, this recipe takes the humble brownie and makes it a vehicle for an extra veggie serve in your day.