Grape Lime Kombucha Mocktail

Grape Lime Kombucha Mocktail

Pulverizing green grapes and fresh lime is the perfect way to a fresh, citrusy mocktail, paired with kombucha for a true palate pleaser.

Makes 6 Servings, 750 ml
Total Time 10 Minutes
Difficulty Easy
Container 2.0-litre Container

Grape Lime Kombucha Ingredients

  • 300 g green grapes
  • 5 g lime with zest
  • 500 ml kombucha
  • Ice cubes, for serving
  • 375 ml flavoured sparkling water, divided use


        1. Place all ingredients except water and ice into the Vitamix container in the order listed and secure the lid.
        2. Start the machine on its lowest speed, then quickly increase to its highest speed. Blend for 40 seconds.
        3. Fill 6 serving glasses just under halfway with ice. Pour 125ml of the grape puree over each. Top each glass with 60ml of flavoured sparkling water and serve immediately.

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