What do you get if you combine peas, olive oil and fresh mint? A dish that epitomises Spring. There’s nothing more pleasing in springtime than a pea and mint soup. This tender minty pea recipe can be on your table in 15 minutes! Whip yours up in the Vitamix A3500i blender until warmed, it doesn’t get any easier than that. Created by @leesupercharged 
A lovely vegan burger where the patty is made in the Vitamix, showing the even consistency of the lentils and eggplant. Carrot, celery and onion are used to flavour a stock for the lentils, which are then blended up together, not wasting anything. Burgers can be made ahead of time and frozen for a quick, easy and healthy vegan dinner. This dish also goes well with sides made in the Vitamix such as ketchup or hummus.
This smoothie bowl encompasses everything you'd want in a regular salad, packed with plenty of kale and heart-healthy avocado. A little bit of citrus and sweetness, plus seeds and nuts for protein and fiber make this bowl great for any time of day. 
Rise and shine, it's pancake time! Beautify your breakfast with these chocolate collagen pancakes.⁠ Loaded with protein, collagen and deliciousness, you won't want make your stacks any other way ever again.
Whether you're going completely dairy-free, trying to reduce your intake of dairy products, or simply want to experiment with your favourite recipes, you'll have to find a suitable replacement for butter. Luckily, there are many butter alternatives to choose from. Although the taste of a dish can change when prepared with a butter substitute, many recipes benefit from the new flavour and improved nutritional profile.