Orange Tiramisu Martinis

Orange Tiramisu Martinis

These Orange Tiramisu Martinis are muddled with orange, shaken with ice and require no effort but the press of a button! Muddling the orange zest gives this dessert cocktail a sharpness that cuts through the richness of sweet coffee and cream. 

Makes 4 Servings
Total Time 10 Minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
Container Aer Disc Container


  • 1 orange, peel on, chopped in half then each half into quarters
  • 4 x 30ml shots of freshly brewed espresso, chilled
  • 180ml vodka
  • 120ml Kahlua
  • 120ml cream
  • 60ml triple sec
  • Handful ice cubes
  • Dark chocolate, for garnish


      1. Place everything except for the dark chocolate in your AER Disc Container 1.4L. Turn the speed on to 4 and let everything muddle for one minute, using the tamper to push the orange back towards the centre. Turn off the machine and discard the orange chunks.
      2. Pour the liquid through a small mesh strainer into 4 martini glasses and discard ice. Finely grate dark chocolate over the top and serve immediately.

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