Recipes 2.0-Litre Container

These Orange Tiramisu Martinis are muddled with orange, shaken with ice and require no effort but the press of a button! I made these in my trusty @vitamix_aunz Ascent Series, using their new AER Blade Jug. This jug features a bladeless disc, which pulls in the fruit or herbs you’re muddling to gently bruise; releasing their flavourful oils without blending. As for the ice - it is shaken around to cool the drink but not blended (which would of course dilute the drink - nobody wants that). It’s a game changer! The bladeless disc also aerates and emulsifies, so you can whip up cream and meringues, emulsify mayo's and sauces, and create light foams (think froth for your coffees or cocktails). It’s a really versatile jug, and makes these culinary techniques quick and effortless.

I’ve got a few different jugs for my Vitamix Ascent Series - what’s really cool is that they have Self-Detect technology, so the blender can detect what jug you’re using when you place it down and will auto-adjust settings between smaller and larger jugs. How smart!

Muddling the orange zest gives this dessert cocktail a sharpness that cuts through the richness of sweet coffee and cream. You can of course get a beautiful egg white foam to float on your cocktails, by simply adding an egg white before turning the blender on. Now, next on my list for the AER jug is a favourite of mine: gin muddled with cucumber and mint!