A delicious, flour-free pancake made with whole oats that are blended with bananas and pumpkin to add a hint of sweetness. Some fresh turmeric lending a golden yellow colour, and can be further adapted to make this recipe your own.
This has to be one of the simplest & flavour packed summer soups. Served chilled it’s so refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Serve straight up as is or get fancy like I have here and top it with prawns, avocado, chopped heirloom tomatoes and basil. For vegan, leave off the prawns and perhaps add some olives and for vegetarian, some marinated feta spooned through works so well. On a cooler day, gently warm it with the friction from the Vitamix Ascent blender blades for a hot delicious warm version.
Indulge in a tropical blend of juicy mango, creamy coconut and sweet passion fruitThis smoothie bowl is packed with healthy ingredients and mouth watering fruit toppings, making it a delicious way to get in a variety of nutrients. Created by Dagmara Leniartek