Ready for a different yet still flavourful option than coffee? Try this light and airy foamed tea beverage, created with only three simple ingredients.

Follow this step-by-step recipe to make a creamy, spiced, homemade eggnog recipe can be made in just minutes in your blender, no whisking or hand mixer required.

This is the perfect recipe to make during those chilly winter months months to enjoy the seasonal peppermint flavour paired with rich chocolate and coffee.
Take a break from iced coffee, and try this delicious and airy foamed tea beverage. It uses just a few ingredients but boasts a lot of flavour.
Floral yet fruity, this refreshing and healthy green bubble tea recipe will have you dreaming of Summer! @Littlekalegirl uses the Ascent Blending Cup & Bowl Starter Kit with her Vitamix A3500i Ascent Series Smart Blender to create this delicious recipe.
Green tea, blackberries, mint, and lime all come together as a base to this cocktail (or mocktail.) Whether you hold the alcohol or not, this gives you both versions to suit your needs. Ginger beer and tonic finish these for a bit of effervescence.
A Vitamix has the power to pulverise even the toughest roots. Raw or cooked, it can take a beet and turn it into a delicious whole-food drink, encompassing fresh ingredients and spices to create a unique drinking beverage.
Cosy up this winter with a mug of creamy hot chocolate enjoyed with family and friends. This delicious hot chocolate will be ready within minutes and is perfect for those chilly winter days. Created by @leesupercharged
Cheers to the festive season! This delicious homemade Fruit punch is a drink for the whole family and perfect for those hot summer days!
A refreshing summertime staple, this lemonade recipe combines just a few ingredients. Garnish with a lemon slice for an added touch.
Create this icy, refreshing blend of citrus and herbs for those hot summer picnics. Made with whole seeded lemons—no juicing required!