A great muffin to make with the kids! You can mix up the toppings with different fruit or leave off the choc if you want them a little ‘nicer’.
Also perfect in little dishes and serve hot for dessert with a scoop of ice-cream, some cream or yoghurt. Created by @cheftomwalton
This delicious brownie recipe calls for wholemeal flour, which adds healthy fiber to the mix. But shhh…no one will ever know unless you tell them.
This traditional-style donut will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, and leave you wanting just one more!

Homemade muesli bars make a sweet and crunchy on-the-go snack or back-to-school recipe, and making them yourself helps to know exactly what is in them! Add any dried fruit or nut to this recipe to make it uniquely your own.

The rich flavour of allspice and cinnamon enhance the pumpkin's sweetness, while walnuts add texture to these classic autumn treats.

Looking for a low carb and gluten-free alternative to all-purpose flour? Try this Paleo-friendly flour at home with just one ingredient: whole almonds. Also try our Almond Flour Pancakes as a delicious grain-free way to start your morning.

Homemade English muffins, so easy to make, are perfect to eat slightly buttered or as the base for your Eggs Benedict. Be sure to allow the dough to rise as long as possible to yield the most airy results.