These timeless sugar cookies are known by their sugar and cinnamon sprinkle, and are simple enough for young bakers to assist.
Only four simple ingredients are needed for this quick-chilled dessert, which is especially refreshing on a warm summer day. Feel free to switch up the berries to whatever is in season at the time.
You can never say no to a nice piece of gooey, saucy cake. My Coconut, Coffee & Cardamom Drizzle Cake is a real pudding cake - flavoured with coffee and cardamom, and drenched in a silky coconut, white chocolate & coffee syrup. It’s indulgent yet surprisingly light; in part thanks to the absence of flour (it’s gluten and refined sugar free!).
Carrot cake has to be the GOAT. It has a special place in so many people’s hearts. This one is whipped up in the Vitamix Ascent Series blender which makes light work of crushing the nuts and blending down the raw carrot then mixing the whole cake back in the blender ready to be baked. The frosting comes together in under 1 minute with the blender whipping is so light and fluffy. Grab your carrots and get baking!