This curry is full of veggie goodness and comes together with ease! The turmeric paste is a great item to have on hand for curries marinades and even stirred through yoghurt and spooned over roast veggies or thick soups. If you have other veggies on hand like cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms or spinach, swap in those, its super versatile.
This plant-based burger takes it to the next level. Simple and delicious, the mushrooms provide a very meaty alternative to your normal meat-based protein. Buckwheat gets slightly crispy when cooking to provide texture.
These delicious fritters are all about versatility so if you want to swap out veggies, please do. Also, both the fritters and green tahini can be prepared in advance so make for great meal prep. Simply reheat the fritters to serve. I also love to make these fritters a little larger and use for delicious veggie burger patty. The herbed tahini is amazing on anything from veggies, to seafood, meats and as a dip.
This simple, raw salad is a delicious way to add so much goodness into your day. Add in anything else you want, from tomatoes to avocado and top with boiled egg, fish, shredded chicken or serve alongside grilled veggies, seafood or meats as part of a larger meal.
A delicious, flour-free pancake made with whole oats that are blended with bananas and pumpkin to add a hint of sweetness. Some fresh turmeric lending a golden yellow colour, and can be further adapted to make this recipe your own.
A lovely vegan burger where the patty is made in the Vitamix, showing the even consistency of the lentils and eggplant. Carrot, celery and onion are used to flavour a stock for the lentils, which are then blended up together, not wasting anything. Burgers can be made ahead of time and frozen for a quick, easy and healthy vegan dinner. This dish also goes well with sides made in the Vitamix such as ketchup or hummus.
Rise and shine, it's pancake time! Beautify your breakfast with these chocolate collagen pancakes.⁠ Loaded with protein, collagen and deliciousness, you won't want make your stacks any other way ever again.